By hollyandersonsi
July 09, 2012

A hypothetical Sun Beast logo, courtesy of our friends at SB Nation.

All that fun we had cooing at the logo for the imaginary SUNBEAST football conference, all those times we fantasized (halfheartedly) about the possibility of a UConn-FIU home-and-home series -- we were so close to something actually resembling the SUNBEAST and didn't even know it. From the Tennessean's report on Karl Benson's mad machinations at the wheel of the SBC:

On April 1, Benson emailed a powerpoint presentation to Sun Belt presidents/chancellors and athletic directors, laying out the league’s various realignment options.


The same presentation included several maps of potential conference mergers – one of which was titled “Makes Too Much Sense” and proposed a 33-school superconference combining the Sun Belt, C-USA, WAC and Mountain West Conference.

Big Red

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