By hollyandersonsi
July 12, 2012

Hawaii AD Jim Donovan has been placed on leave over a fraudulent Stevie Wonder concert. (AP)

We sometimes feel as though we are in the wrong line of work, but we must admit we had never considered the rapid cash consequences of just straight-up professional hoodwinkings. This sounds even more lucrative than being a bowl tycoon. Hawaii, call us!

(CBS/AP) The University of Hawaii has canceled a Stevie Wonder concert after learning the event wasn't authorized by the artist or his representatives.

The Aug. 18 show was scheduled to benefit the university's cash-strapped athletic department, but now officials are trying to recoup the $200,000 paid to local promoter Bob Peyton. [...] UH Athletic Director Jim Donovan says the concert was booked by an unauthorized third party and that Wonder's representatives had no knowledge of it.

has been placed on leave

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