By hollyandersonsi
July 13, 2012

Lovingly curated light reading to speed you through your weekend:

Please plan all holiday travel for January 5. The full 2012-13 bowl schedule has been released. Real football on New Year's Day again! The entirety of December 30 off for napping before the New Year's Eve binge! The TicketCity Bowl persists in existing! Will wonders never cease.

They never promised you a Rose Bowl garden. The Pac-12/Big Ten scheduling snugglethon is scrapped.

Wordy wordy words words words MAKE IT STOP don't ever stop. Want 10,000 words on the evolution of the Airraid? WHO DOESN'T? Smart Football is all too happy to oblige. There are diagrams. There is video. It is glorious. Amen.

Once upon a time, Mark Richt was Goofus AND Gallant. Ol' Dirty Pastor, suspended by Schnelly?? Asks Blutarsky, " What sort of depravity gets you suspended at The U in its prime?"

"We celebrated Charlie Strong Appreciation Day at the Headquarters on Saturday as well. Called it Saturday." Will you honor the sprit of Strongmas in your hearts, and keep it all the year?

We're just happy "post-Brad Wing America" is a thing that exists now. Have our banner honoree's antics emboldened punters across the nation?

Tweet of the week! Hold up, this sounds like a trick question HEY WAIT A SECOND:

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