By hollyandersonsi
July 16, 2012

We don't publish on Sundays in the offseason, and we cannot tell you how painful the wait to get this to you has been, dear reader: Behold a pair of babies dressed up as the CBS college football broadcasting booth.

Baby Verne has some work to do to master the Great American Chortler's throaty chuckle, but would you look at that laser-focused rage on Baby Gary at the end? It might be that babies do not care to wear wigs, but we've seen that look before, directed at the losing SEC quarterback late in the third quarter. There comes a point in every season when we find it hard to watch games on CBS because Danielson reminds us indelibly of our dad, and we just can't bear to see him disappointed. Bravo, baby G-Danz.

[HT: Alert reader Aaron, via

Spencer Hall

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