By hollyandersonsi
July 17, 2012

Sparty's got a bone to pick with you, Marvel fashion design team. (Getty Images)

It's a fine time to be a comics geek, as the success of blockbuster cinematic hits like The Avengers pushes long-beloved iconography further into mainstream society. It's sort of past time these literary heroes infiltrated athletics as well, but fear no longer: a Marvel-Russell alliance is rushing to the rescue:

Russell will sell T-shirts and hoodies bearing representations of Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Wolverine.

The superheroes will wear each college’s respective school colors along with their mascots and logos. Universities participating in the program include biggies like UCLA, Michigan State, Baylor, Kansas State, Mississippi State, the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Ohio State and University of Iowa.

Skipping over the obvious questions of how UCLA dares take part in this when Matt Barkley is so clearly Thor AND Captain America in one flaxen-haired human form, do you see what we see? Namely, that it is theoretically possible for one to own a Michigan State shirt with Wolverine on it. We know just what we'll be wearing to the awarding of the Paul Bunyan Trophy.


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