By hollyandersonsi
July 19, 2012

Hugh Freeze's Ole Miss Rebels were the butt of the joke at SEC Media Days. (AP)

HOOVER, Ala. -- Hugh Freeze and his program have suffered more slights from other coaches this year at SEC Media Days than have any of his peers. Most everybody here expends painful amounts of energy trying to be polite, so "more slights" in this case means "two." Reminded by some of our fellow media chuckleheads that Dan Mullen called Starkville the best college town in the country and Steve Spurrier openly wished his Gamecocks could play Ole Miss instead of LSU, Freeze tap-danced smoothly past the possibility of bulletin-board material.

On Oxford as a college town, and specifically as a recruiting tool, Freeze had a fine retort prepared: "Have you been there?" And regarding Spurrier's remarks: "We will circle that date [the Rebels rotate back onto South Carolina's schedule in 2013] and maybe look forward to changing his perspective of what he thinks about Ole Miss football." On days like this, we wish they could put three or four of the coaches up onstage at a time, just to jaw at each other.

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