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July 25, 2012

We were winding our way back from ACC Media Days while our friends and colleagues took in the show in Dallas. Assorted highlights from the two-day Big 12 media blitz follow. As with most media blitzes, not much was learned, but fun was had.

Let's get some opinions on Penn State! Or not, says Charlie Weis! "My feelings on that is that no one wins," he said. "Everyone loses. There's no winner in that situation. So I prefer not to take any further than that. It's not a good situation and no one won.  There's no winners there, and so let's move on from there."

Paul Rhoads offered what we thought was the best assessment of the situation: "I think, first and foremost, this is a matter for the legal systems and the courts, and there's more of that to come. And I just ‑‑ I'll leave it at, first and foremost, that's where this case is at.  And I can't say anything or give my opinion about anything that's going to do anything to help the victims or their families."

• RepsRepsRepsRepsRepsRepsReps. Repeat. Dana Holgorsen acknowledges your adulation, y'all: "Well, it sounds like everybody in the room thinks that we're pretty good, or that Geno is pretty good.  It's a compliment to Geno.  I think a lot is based on what happened the last game of the year, which in all my years for 12 straight Bowl games, all my years of December practice time, I think we got better in the month of December last year more than we ever have. And it's just practice."

We are inclined to agree with his assessment of December.

Tommy Tuberville spoke on the temperature of his posterior. "Just being here a couple of years, everybody said:  You're on the hot seat. I'd like to coach a few of these guys I recruited."

Mack Brown's statement began with an observation. "Well, I'm sitting in a red chair," he said. "I don't do that very often from the Big 12."

How excited his Bob Stoops to have his brother, Mike, back on staff? "My mother gets to go to one place instead of two to see us," he said.

• Texas has two quarterbacks in it. Brown is taking his sweet time with David Ash and Case McCoy...still: "They left spring practice even. In talking to the guys last night, they've had a very competitive summer, and both of them are in the mix and we should have a great battle at that position in preseason. ... I've got 37 years that says it will probably happen, one way or the other. And usually the players will choose them for you if not."

• Justin Blackmon Voltron is under construction in Stillwater. Can the Cowboys' All-Everything receiver be replaced? Mike Gundy: "I'm not sure that I'm ready to commit to one of these guys being a first‑round pick. They're so few and far between. The comparison I would make is years ago we talked about losing Kendall Hunter, and I felt like that Jeremy Smith and Joseph Randle as a pair needed to combine and give us what Kendall did. And those guys have been able to do that. I want ‑‑ we want three or four of our receivers this year to give us what a Justin Blackmon gave us this last year."

Bob Stoops loves the Cotton Bowl. "It's special playing in the Cotton Bowl," he said. "The environment of a state fair surrounding that whole beautiful ‑‑ I'd still say it's beautiful ‑‑ stadium because of what it is. It's the Cotton Bowl.  So to me I'm kind of a stadium junkie. I like playing in all of them. To play in the Cotton Bowl has always been pretty special."

Art Briles waxed poetic on Baylor's new digs. "You hid your excitement well. I wish I could hide mine that well. But it's a big‑time deal now. I'm not kidding you. It's going to change the whole image of Baylor, I mean, to people that never really considered Baylor from now on, the next 50 years. There's 42 million people that drive down I‑35 beginning 2014 that are going to see this beautiful stadium which is going to be one of the most beautiful stadiums in the United States of America on the Brazos River, and they're going to look over and say, okay, those people at Baylor are doing it right, because it's going to be unmatched in beauty."

Briles on a surprising Texas recruiting pitfall. "It's hard to get those guys to stay home, because when you were 17 and a half years old, 18 years old, I mean, you were thinking, boy, if I could only live next door to mommy and daddy, you know what I'm saying?"

The number of time Tuberville said "depth" during his appearance: Nine.

•  Don't answer that. Reflecting on his past tenures, Charlie Weis said, "I mean, I can't tell you the number of things that I looked at on that list and said: Weis, how stupid can you be?  There's so many things you did the first time around, you sit there and say: Why did you do that?"

• Permutations upon permutations. How has West Virginia's offense evolved, Holgo? "We tweaked it a little bit at Houston.  Went to Oklahoma State.  Tweaked it a little bit at Oklahoma State.  And last year when we went to West Virginia, we tweaked it a little bit.  Specifics would take a couple of days to get into."

Bill Snyder speaks in the tongues of Bond villains. "I have a greater concern about game by game when we are perhaps selected as favorites in a ballgame."

Brown, with no context (or jacket) required. "I asked the ladies to come in; if I had any hard questions, I would let them support me. So we'll just ask them to step up and answer any questions that we need here. Got my back. Questions?"

• Have you ever really looked at your hand? Gary Patterson takes exception to the notion that the Horned Frogs might not be up to the challenge of their increased SOS. "Because people said: You're not going to be playing New Mexico anymore. You're not going to be playing Vegas anymore. Yeah, but those were 50‑point ball games. What's reality?"

• Holgo, unfairly excerpted:

Q: Now you're a head coach.  You've got to deal with all kinds of things outside the realm of offensive football.  What's been your biggest adjustment or biggest challenge as a head coach and sort of expanding your role as a football coach?

A:  Well, obviously things.

Too true.

Interview transcripts courtesy of the Big 12.

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