By hollyandersonsi
August 01, 2012

We had a lot of fun making Pink puns at Hugh Freeze's expense yesterday, but now-former Ole Miss recruit Mario Mathis' mother is countering his father's quotes to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution with a few of her own. To hear her tell it (to the Commercial Appeal), the Rebels didn't yank Mario's scholarship out of nowhere, and all dealings in Oxford with the family have been completely on the level:

When Mathis visited Ole Miss recently, it was obvious he was still having difficulty moving. Freeze, in agreement with Mathis and his parents, released the player from his Rebels' commitment. The scholarship offer stands if Mathis returns to full strength.

"Ole Miss has never been anything but honest with Mario," Denise Fletcher said. "He's not guaranteed a scholarship anywhere unless he can play on that leg. You can't give a scholarship to someone who can't physically play. It's ridiculous to think otherwise."

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