By hollyandersonsi
August 30, 2012

Give us this day our daily Catlab.

• And now, the weather. Today in Hurricane Isaac Affects Sports: LSU has canceled practice but still plans to play it season opener against North Texas. Oregon State's opener against Nicholls State has been postponed indefinitely due to travel concerns.

Football is here now give us football please and thank you. Today in Yelling At Your Television Provider: Pac-12 gets catty regarding DirecTV and its current lack of a distribution agreement ... AT&T U-Verse plays footsie with the Longhorn Network ... and we find ourselves among those unfortunate Americans with a cable provider not interested in carrying WatchESPN. Our feelings on this matter are summed up

• That actually took longer than we thought. Texas A&M and Arkansas establish a 10-year series to be played at the JerryDome.

• Chianti Dan strikes again. Not gonna lie, we're with Bruins Nation on this one. UCLA's uniforms of old were gorgeous and iconic, and while we're definitely old-fashioned when it comes to jerseys, changing true blue to navy is dumb and weird.

• From the NCAA wheels-spinning department: The Association would like Penn State's bowl trophies back, which should fix everything, and Kentucky's Randy Sanders just may have surpassed Mark Richt on the "outlandish cell phone-based secondary violation" leaderboard. 

• Tweet of the day.

• Injury report story hour. Today's really might take an hour, as Syracuse's student paper recounts the lengthy list of knocks suffered by Orange players in 2011.

• Roster blotter. Colorado receiver Paul Richardson will take a redshirt year ... three East Carolina players have been suspended for Week 1 ... two Texas A&M players will pointedly not be suspended for Week 2  ... and two New Mexico players have been up to no good with the school FedEx account, the monsters.

Misc. this handy Oregon chart Ducks has a second-best pair of rollerblades here is a season preview done entirely in animated gifs

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