By hollyandersonsi
September 07, 2012

Cincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux, seen here in a fair approximation of most of last night's game. (AP)

• Cincinnati 34, Pitt 10.  "We need to play our type of football," Paul Chryst said in his halftime interview. With respect, we would suggest that Pitt's current type of football has given up 65 points and scored 27 within the past calendar week, and that the Panthers should perhaps try another kind instead.

Munchie Legaux recorded 322 all-purpose yards and two touchdown passes, both of them tossed to the Downton Abbey-ishly named Ralph David Abernathy IV. George Winn scored two rushing touchdowns for the Bearcats, including a 58-yard run on Cincinnati's first offensive play. Pitt's Tino Sunseri was sacked six times and threw a field goal as the clock ran out on the first half that was cruelly ignored on the scoreboard.

For more on the actual football played Thursday night, you may click on the following helpful links. Have a great day. [BOX | RECAP]

• Something good that Notre Dame is doing. No, for real, we're not making fun, and we're not making this up: There's a campaign in the works to turn football Saturdays in South Bend into a little less of a quiet study hour experience:

Notre Dame Stadium, its ushers and other University ambassadors have had a long history of extending hospitality to visiting teams. It’s common, particularly when an opponent plays in Notre Dame Stadium for the first time, for visiting fans to remark on the welcoming atmosphere they find.

Swarbrick would like to see that welcome end once the opening kickoff is in the air. He’d like to see a change to the 17-16 home record Irish teams have recorded over the last five seasons combined.

If you’re paying attention this weekend and in the weeks to come, you are likely to come across the phrase “Take A StaND.” It’s a subtle, yet pointed, way of encouraging fans at all Irish events to become more participatory.

Brian Kelly is on board with this, and so are we, for whatever (HA) that's worth. Notre Dame doesn't need criminals. It needs fewer down-in-front ushers and more of these guys:

• Injury report story hour. An unfortunate run of season-ending injury news: LSU appears to have lost left tackle Chris Faulk to a knee injury ... Virginia Tech receiver David Coles is also done due to a knee issue ... Oklahoma State loses two freshmen defenders.

• Roster blotter. UCLA running back Malcolm Jones reportedly intends to transfer ... Kansas juco import Ty McKinney will enroll at KU in January ... Florida State freshmen Mario Edwards Jr. and Chris Casher will not be redshirted.

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