By hollyandersonsi
September 13, 2012

• Georgia State has a night game this weekend. The Panthers play UTSA at 6 p.m. ET, a fact you will not forget, because they went and made this video to remind you. Please change your mind about retirement, Bill Curry. Please?

• Injury report story hour. Duke defensive end Justin Foxx had hand surgery on Tuesday and will be out indefinitely.

Teams that will not be featured in injury report story hour: USC has de-banned Scott Wolf from practice, but remember yesterday when we said barring reporters from reporting on player injuries sounded like a move characteristic of a team much worse at football than USC? Good morning, Washington! Local sportswriters, your thoughts?

• Roster blotter. LSU releases the names of four academic casualties, including one, linebacker Tahj Jones, projected to see starting time ... the Ragin' Cajuns lose Justin Hamilton for the Oklahoma State game ... starting Nittany Lions receiver Shawney Kersey has left the Penn State football team but reportedly remains in school ... starting Nebraska defensive tackle Chase Rome, whose name is a simple sentence, has left the Huskers.

Misc. Behold the blooper reel SportsCenter fills in some gaps this Tennessee-Florida postgame scenario claim to have gleaned Auburn offensive signals Decided Schematic Advantage of the Day

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