By hollyandersonsi
September 24, 2012

They do move in herds. Hey, the polls are out! AP! Coaches'! Crazy! Go!

Realignment burns. Speaking of the AP (emphasis added):

That would mean three of the six games — the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl (Pac-12 and Big Ten) and the bowl that will eventually become the so-called Champions Bowl between the Big 12 and SEC — wouldn't be accessible to teams outside the five power conferences in years in which they do not host a semifinal. Another game creates two more available spots in high-revenue games for teams from the Big East, the Sun Belt Conference, the Mountain West, Conference USA and the Mid-American Conference.

It's a little strange, still, to see the Big East lumped in with the have-nots and the WAC not there at all. The world does move on.

• Roster blotter. Someone reportedly fired a gun into the New Mexico-New Mexico State game, injuring a female fan ... Mark Richt is acting like Bacarri Rambo and Alec Ogletree might not play against Tennessee, lolz ... we're sorry; we know there will be het-up folks on both sides of this decision, but being stopped for speeding in a Bi-Lo parking lot is objectively funny.

• Injury report story hour. It won't shock anyone who saw Miami's Malcolm Lewis go down with a terribly visible and terribly painful-looking ankle injury to learn the freshman wide receiver is out for the season ... also done for the year, USC's Scott Starr and David Garness ... Oregon State's Sean Mannion is nursing a "sore arm."

• Tweet of the day.

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