By hollyandersonsi
October 03, 2012

Staples, doing the good work.

• Next food news update of vital importance. None other than the Wall Street Journal measures SEC stadiums' proximity to Waffle Houses, even going so far as to state a measurement in sausage links. We have never felt closer to the WSJ than we do right now.

• Will the Honey Badger return to LSU? A resounding "maybe!" from the Times-Picayune.

• Welp. "According to a study published in the October issue of American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, male non-athletes were more likely than females to increase their alcohol consumption and partying, and decrease their study time, in response to the success of the team." [Via.]

• Today in the Sandusky case. Mike McQueary sues Penn State for defamation.

• Injury report story hour. Georgia announced Wednesday morning that wide receiver Michael Bennett will miss the remainder of the season with a torn right ACL sustained in Tuesday's practice ... Texas running back Malcolm Brown will miss the West Virginia game with a left ankle sprain.

• Roster blotter. David Shaw professes no intentions of swapping quarterbacks at Stanford.

• Schedule matters. Announced games of THE FUTURE: Louisiana-Monroe announces a trip to LSU on September 6, 2014, and TCU and Ohio State schedule a home-and-home we will all hopefully be calling the Little Sisters of the Poor Classic.

• Good question of the day.

Misc. TCU's purple chrome helmets Horned Frogs enemy anagram roster one-ups William Faulkner Terrance Donnels, whom you might know as artist LSUFreek

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