By hollyandersonsi
October 16, 2012

• It's always somebody's hate week, I. Texas A&M's official compliance Twitter account gets in on a popular anti-LSU meme:

Three things:

1. We've never seen a corn dog consumed at an LSU tailgate. Are we at the wrong parties?

2. Begun, these GIF wars have.

3. What was the major NCAA violation involving a hot dog??

It's always somebody's hate week, II. It is our sworn duty to report receiving an email from the Auburn athletic department with the following introduction:

Auburn Compliance to Host Seminar on Wednesday

NCAA Compliance Series: Ethical Conduct

Don't say we never did nothin' for you, Vandy.

• What's wrong with 'the storm clouds are gathering?' Barking Carnival begins the somber journey into the tempest-tossed land of "Fire Mack Brown."

• Injury report story hour. Tennessee could face Alabama with two injured running backs, whee! ... Keenan Reynolds retains the starting quarterback job for Navy ... Eric LeGrand reflects on the two years since his career-ending injury.

• A modest proposal. Pizza Hut is apparently rethinking its idea to derail a Presidential debate for purposes of advertising its product, but we really think we're on to something, and suggest the following new strategy: Free pizza for a year to the first reporter to ask any football coach a pizza toppings question following a big game. Y'all know Lane Kiffin would rather discuss his feelings on black olives than dole out injury news.

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