By hollyandersonsi
October 25, 2012

• Good morning to America's Heartland, with love from catlab. Team catlab, your one-stop destination for all catlab needs and services.

• I got those suspended-while-my-team-plays-Boise-State blues. Dave Christensen just sings it out, man.

• Soren Sorensen's persistent use of Comic Sans continues to be excused, as He Ain't From Around Here. The New York Times runs down college football statheads.

On the Mike Leach Twitter thing. Brian Floyd traces the feelingsball origins of folks getting het up over Wazzu players being banned from Twitter, and Tom Fornelli dispenses sense:

• And the seventh seal was opened, and it said "but but cash money." The seventh access bowl may not happen, for basically the same reasons the have-not teams it would have welcomed into the postseason are have-not teams in the first place.

• Big East football: Pay attention. No, really. Stop making that face!

• And speaking of faces. Will Muschamp has a lot of them!

Savor the fruits of Georgia-Florida hate week. Oh, it's getting spicy up in our social media feeds:

• In this, we must side with the troll-king. Hey, legal's legal, man. You don't like it, legislate it.

• Can this wait until the offseason when we really need the entertainment? "Flight tracking of recruits or planes from Indianapolis are probably not far off," in the case of Darius Page.

• Injury report story hour. Starting Georgia defensive end Abry Jones had ankle surgery Tuesday and may miss the rest of the season.

• Have a great hand-egg Saturday, everybody.

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