By hollyandersonsi
October 30, 2012

• So this makes Nick Saban the Mandarin? LSU's crack video crew has made a trailer for the upcoming Tigers-Tide game in which Les Miles is Tony Stark, or something. From that, we can infer Saban to be the Sir Ben "Thunderbirds" Thunderbirds-Kingsley in this nonexistent movie, for those of you scoring at home.

• Big morning reading material. Major Tuesday morning movement from the NCAA: "The Division I Board of Directors today adopted an overhauled enforcement structure that creates additional levels of infractions, hastens the investigation process and ratchets up penalties for the most egregious violations." (We know what you're about to ask, and we believe Mark Richt's butt-dialing incident would be a Level IV.)

• Moves at the desks. Georgia Tech athletic director Dan Radakovich was introduced Monday afternoon as the new AD at Clemson, replacing the retiring Terry Don Phillips. Tech's associate AD Paul Griffin will serve as acting AD until a replacement is hired.

• Coach firin' season makes jesters of us all. Joker Phillips joked to the press about a contract extension, which apparently made some folks uncomfortable, which makes us kinda love Joker Phillips.

• Red team, red team. A chilling reminder from the SI Vault:

• Can anyone confirm whether or not a Tiger is also a kind of cat? Think before you print victory shirts. Think before you print victory shirts. Think before you print victory shirts.

Roster blotter. Star Iowa State linebacker Jake Knott will miss the remainder of the season following shoulder surgery ... college football is deprived of a fantastic haircut and Wisconsin is down a quarterback with the news of Joel Stave's broken collarbone ... Oregon State back Chris Miller, who was arrested over the weekend after a knife-wielding incident at a frat party, was dismissed from the team Sunday night ... David Ash will start for Texas against Texas Tech ... Cody Vaz will start for Oregon State against Arizona State ... defensive backs are getting thin on the ground in Boise.

• Why are all the best baby coach Halloween costumes from the Big 12? Mangino, Snyder and now Holgo, complete with wispy wee mullet:

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