By hollyandersonsi
October 31, 2012

Well, naturally. Along with John Candy, John Keats, Peter Jackson, Dan Rather, Pope Clement XIV and Willow Smith, Saban is an Oct. 31 baby. But we have to agree that saying "Nick Saban was born on Halloween" is a bit of a misnomer:

Moving right along!

• Almost paradise. Bill Connelly makes the case for a college football playoff ... in 2012. Most of you would chew your arms off to see some of these remaining undefeated teams play each other, and you know it.

• Some cheer for the Plains. Auburn linebacker Ashton Richardson, a pre-vet major with an Honors thesis awesomely titled "Comparison of Articular Cartilage Thickness in Cadaveric Equine Limbs," is a Rhodes Scholar finalist.

"Whatever you are reading is written for a sixth-grader." The esteemed Spencer Hall takes a bat to that most repellent of sports writing terms, "classy."

• Roster blotter. Meet Shawn Petty, Maryland's latest starting quarterback ... freshman Jonathan Wallace will start at quarterback for Auburn against New Mexico State ... Josh Nunes and Kevin Hogan will split snaps for Stanford.

• Quote of the day. "I think they thought I was crazy from Day 1...with the 'V-neck (shirt) on, they were a little suspect. They're still trying to figure me out a little bit." -- Kliff Kingsbury

• Final Halloween reminder. It's not too late to spend the evening with your loved ones and the audio version of our very most favorite book, but if you must leave the safety of your homes, be careful out there:

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