By hollyandersonsi
November 01, 2012

Duck hunts. Not to be outdone by the LSU-Alabama trailer that dropped earlier this week, Oregon has released its own hype video in honor of the Ducks' upcoming trip to USC. Among its highlights: The Duck learning to play Oregon Trail and doing the team's laundry under threat of dysentery from a school employee, the Duck searching for a watch he does not wear, a covert laundry detergent handoff from gold-medal decathalete and Oregon grad Ashton Eaton and the implication that the Duck possesses a commercial driver's license, which wouldn't actually surprise anyone. Our one quibble is spelled out neatly by YouTube commenter "ChocolateJesus2K:

Wash uniforms? Oregon doesn't wear the same thing twice.

• Sandusky update. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that ousted Penn State president Graham Spanier will be charged today with perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with the Jerry Sandusky case.

• You can practically hear his hair. Internet favorite Matt Barkley is a guest this week on Stewart Mandel's podcast.

• It's not football and we don't care. Slow news day? Slow news day.

• Quote of the day. Randy Edsall, asked how his team is handling the loss of four quarterbacks in the span of less than a season, responds with straightforwardness: “This is only the third or fourth time that they have gone through it. Our guys know how to handle it." (Asked who the emergency quarterback is behind the converted linebacker and tight end he's got in place now: “That’s to be determined. You are jinxing me by asking me that question.” He may have a point there.)

• Bloggy days gone by. ArkansasSports360 is shutting down, and we are sad. Our best wishes to editor Chris Bahn and company.

• This is not as much fun as the Oregon series, but maybe they'll be winning games by 2020. Ohio State has scheduled a home-and-home series with Boston College.

• One more Halloween post. Mike Glennon's costume game is superb.

Catlab is out of the blue and into the black. And we don't ever want to go back.

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