By hollyandersonsi
November 06, 2012

Terrance Owens will do football things for Toledo, the MAC and America this Election Night. (AP)

• The greatest p.r. email we have received on this job begins thusly: "Tuesday, November 6th is Election Night for the country but it’s also a decisive night in the battle for the West Division crown of the Mid-American Conference. The Toledo Rockets host Ball State on Nov. 6 in a nationally televised contest at the Glass Bowl (8:00 p.m. / ESPN2) in what could help determine the eventual MAC champion." We should probably get this framed. Preview coming later this afternoon for tonight's game, right after Profiles in Profiteroles.

• Roster blotter: Matt Scott was, in fact, concussed against UCLA, and is questionable for Arizona's game against Colorado ... Washington State's company line on Marquess Wilson is that Marquess Wilson is suspended ... Bret Bielema is keeping the details of Wisconsin's late-season quarterback race to himself ... Boise State defensive tackle and internet favorite Mike "Bacon" Atkinson is through for the year with a torn ACL.

• Mack Brown trolls message boards all night long just writing "STAY CLASSY:" Because if there's one real big problem college athletics has right now, it's a lack of respect conveyed through hand signals and signs, amirite?

• “My uncle and my mom used to play 2 Live Crew at home. They said he’s the reason there’s explicit music right now. I hope he’s a reason we win a state championship:” The New York Times profiles Luther Campbell.

• Quote of the day, Nick Saban Thinks You're Not Showing Nick Saban's Interpretation Of Nick Saban's Words Enough Respect Edition: "I think everybody misinterpreted what I said about no-huddle," Saban said. "I don't mind playing against no-huddle. We don't mind that at all. That wasn't what I said, it's what you all interpreted it to be. I just asked the question, 'Is this what we want the game to become?' That's for you to answer. But that doesn't mean we don't like playing against it. We don't mind playing against it. It is what it is. Our players don't mind playing against it." It is really something how five words can become 10 sentences and still say nothing like that. The man is a pro.

• Captain America approves: Some nice America-ness from the Scarlet Knights:

Misc: the greatest SI photo gallery name

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