By hollyandersonsi
November 12, 2012

Assorted bests and worsts from college football's weekend that was. 

• Best GameDay flag trek: Getting a Wazzu flag into a crowd shot at GameDay is a long and proud tradition in Pullman, but the Cougar faithful might have been forgiven had they not managed to get a bearer on the deck of the USS San Diego, right? Fear not:

• Worst accuracy: For a guy who coaches the nation's top-ranked passing offense, Tommy Tuberville sure has bad aim. (Although he is a defensive guy. Perhaps that explains this offensive miscue?)

• Most useful SEC team: Everybody has a purpose in this vast universe of ours, and though there hasn't been much to celebrate in terms of Auburn football this season, the Tigers are serving a crucial purpose: punching conference opponents' tickets to Atlanta!

Play of the week: It's fast, but see if you can't spot Johnny Football fumbling, catching his own fumble (are we calling that a self-lateral?), scrambling free of danger and throwing a touchdown pass. Against the Alabama Crimson Tide defense. Y'know, football stuff.

• Family-friendliest burn: It's a small world, after all.

• Best hobby: It's not what coaches might call good that Florida's Matt Elam is so enthusiastic about hitting players out of bounds, but since he's just as likely to do it to his own teammate we can't help but find it endearing. The kid has a passion, and is clearly pursuing it to the fullest of his abilities.

• Grape Job! Our coveted sticker is awarded this week to Derek Dooley, for running out the clock in a tie game with two timeouts and an offense that can field Tyler Bray, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson and Mychal Rivera at the same time.

• Loneliest kid in the last interception pool: Colby Cameron splashes around by himself from Week 11 on, as the last FBS quarterback not to have thrown an interception in the 2012 regular season. He broke Russell Wilson's record against Texas State Saturday, surpassing the former NC State/Wisconsin quarterback's streak of 379 pick-free pass attempts with a new mark of 419.

Best reason to become a doomsday prepper:

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