By hollyandersonsi
November 30, 2012

• Louisville 20, Rutgers 17. We'll let's Gabriel Baumgaertner tell y'all all about the antics of Teddy Bridgewater, but don't go away without watching him let it all out postgame with offensive coordinator Shawn Watson. Bridgewater led the Cardinals to a primetime win, on the road, against the country's fourth-ranked scoring defense. And then this happened:

How Bridgewater is even remaining upright at this point is anybody's guess, but up he his, and no matter your particular partisanship, you must applaud. Have you a pulse? You will be moved. But don't take our word for it. Listen to his teammates. Here's Louisville offensive lineman Alex Kupper, after the game: “His legacy at the University of Louisville keeps building and building, and he’s only halfway through. He’s just an unbelievable player, the way he fights. When you’re playing next to him, if you do anything less, it’s shame on you."

Rutgers still gets a share of the Big East title, and Cincinnati could force a four-way tie atop the conference standings with a win over UConn, but take it from Louisville safety Calvin Pryor, as the Cardinals mull their postseason possibilities: "Whatever it is is better than going to the Belk Bowl!" [BOX | RECAP]

• Bowltyme! Hey, so remember when that 6-7 UCLA team went to a bowl game and it was terrible and the NCAA was all "Ugh, we are never mixing tequila and chartreuse again and NO MORE WAIVERS?" Well, Georgia Tech, 6-6 and with a distinct possibility of finishing 6-7, got itself a waiver! Even though we've already hit 70 bowl-eligible teams! MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher has some thoughts, which landed smoking hot in our inbox last night. His statement, in full:

“I am disappointed in the NCAA’s decision to issue a waiver. I could not disagree more with the rationale provided. One of the reasons for the development of the policy covering this matter was to clearly create a selection order to manage just this situation.

“These selection orders were developed with NCAA staff input and approved unanimously by the NCAA Board of Directors last July. To suggest that that the NCAA staff or task force working on bowl policy did not contemplate such a circumstance, when this same situation occurred last year, is incorrect. The policy is clear and understandable.

“What is lacking is the willingness to enforce NCAA policy and that is regrettable. All the Mid-American Conference asks is that the rules that have been approved by the member institutions of the NCAA be enforced. That did not occur in this instance."

This is the professional equivalent of late-night angst-blogging, and it's entirely justified.

• Coach-firin' season! Monte Kiffin is resigning as USC's defensive coordinator after the Trojans' bowl game, "in order to pursue opportunities in the NFL." How about that.

• Roster blotter. We appear to have written our last Honey Badger joke.

• Schedule matters. Nebraska and Oklahoma have booked a home-and-home for 2021-22, which will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the "Game of the Century" ... next year's Nebraska-Southern Miss game moves to Lincoln ... San Diego State sets series with New Mexico State and Cal ... Memphis and UCLA will meet in 2014.

Misc. the storyline, like the coach, is a retread Orange assesses the development of Collin Klein everyone's stock photo of Will Muschamp not remotely football-related but must be shared

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