By hollyandersonsi
December 03, 2012

• Oh, NOW you don't like the BCS. Not before. Just now. Northern Illinois is bound for the Orange Bowl as the first team from the MAC to earn a BCS bowl bid. We, as you might imagine, are delighted. Others are not. In other words, it's just like every other BCS selection reaction ever.

For takes longer than 140 characters, see Samuel Chi's "Deal with it" and Matt Hinton's "Blame the Big Ten and Big East." The final regular-season BCS standings can be found here; the tell-all Coaches' Poll results are here. For our full bowl schedule, click this way.

Now let's talk about who's pointedly not going bowling. That would be Louisiana Tech, 9-3 and operating the nation's most prolific scoring offense this season. The Monroe News Star reported last week that the Bulldogs turned down the Independence Bowl. Conflicting reports cite an ongoing feud between Tech and Louisiana-Monroe and/or some ill-fated gambling on the part of the athletic department, but all we can think about now is that the Warhawks are bound for Shreveport and the Liberty Bowl gets to make googly eyes at the Big 12, but the Bulldogs' 31 seniors are, quite suddenly, finished with their college careers.

As a party with no ties to LaTech or Ruston, we simply hate that we're not going to get to see this offense play again this season. We absolutely hate it. That is all.

• Coach firin' (and hirin') season! Mike London fires three more assistants ... Mizzou's David Yost steps down ... and this Purdue administration has a lot to learn about covert coaching searches.

• Roster blotter. Speaking of Virginia, it's about to lose a quarterback.

• Misc. Just answer "Bill Belichick or nobody," Auburn types, because you never know ... how hurry-up offense affects the band ... should Georgia have gone for that spike ... and a reminder to follow the Russell Athletic Bowl Twitter account, like, immediately:

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