By hollyandersonsi
December 05, 2012

• SHE'S BACK. AIN'T NO STOPPING US NOW. Oh, Switzie Award winner LizHoney2U, we have missed you terribly.

Our own reaction to the hiring of Bret Bielema at Arkansas can best be summed up by this animated image.

• And while we're on Wisconsin. Could Barry Alvarez return to the sidelines for the Badgers' bowl game?

• Coach-firin' season! Lane Kiffin would like it if his new defensive coordinator could succeed against Pac-12 offenses ... we think it's actually spelled "l8ly," but that doesn't mean former Appalachian State coach Jerry Moore didn't get screwed ... he's not a coach, but do make time for this colorful account of the end of Ross Parmley's reign as Tulsa AD ... and he's not fired, but Charlie Weis made a whopping $2.5 million per win in 2012. Math is fun!

Assorted trophy happenings. Alabama center and blog favorite Barrett Jones has been awarded the 2012 Campbell Trophy.

• Tweet of the day. Should probably just rename this in honor of the Russell Athletic Bowl for the entirety of the postseason:

Misc. Snake on a plane

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