By hollyandersonsi
January 01, 2013

The 2013  Capital One Bowl is just hours away. We’re sure you have so many questions. We’re here to help. (For an X's and O's breakdown, click through to Ben Glicksman's game preview.)

What's all this, then? This is the Citrus Bowl! The game that was the Citrus Bowl, and also the Tangerine Bowl, way more times than the Champs Sports Bowl, which is no longer the Champs Sports Bowl, was the Tangerine Bowl! It's also played in the Citrus Bowl, which is all kinds of helpful. Thanks, Capital One Bowl. You're a peach.

Where will this game be played? Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando. (This stadium was also once called the Tangerine Bowl! Have you heard quite enough about citrus this postseason, gentle readers?)

When is it on television? Coverage begins at 1 p.m. ET on ABC, with Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer, Davis Pollack and Samantha Steele.

Whom does it feature? The best teams from the Big Ten and SEC not playing in BCS games.

What about this year? Division champs, ahoy! It's No. 6 Georgia versus No. 23 Nebraska, for all the felted mouse ears.

• Does the bowl have a social media presence? As a Florida Citrus Sports game, the CapOne sits on the very top of the postseason social media pecking order, challenged only by the very same people who also run the Russell Athletic Bowl feed. When not offering helpful tips on game day parking or taking team slogans to their logical if overly specific conclusions, the @CapitalOneBowl account can be seen plaintively accosting halftime headliner Dierks Bentley, who as of this writing has yet to reply to a single tweet:

What wacky activities will the teams be subjected to this week? Another Sea World exists not too far from the site of this bowl game, which means more waves of photos of players interacting tenderly with large aquatic beasts, but there's also Disney World, which means shots like this:

Shortly after this photo was taken, a hyper-vigilant Athens police officer who'd gone off the grid to follow the team to Orlando was seen sternly questioning both players regarding the top speed of their Dumbo elephant. We're joking. Are we?

What's the pick? calls it for the Dawgs

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