By hollyandersonsi
January 24, 2013

As of 11:51 a.m. ET on Wednesday, here is every publicly available tweet hashtagged with #MarylandFootball.
As of Wednesday afternoon, here is every publicly available tweet hashtagged with #MarylandFootball. [Click to enlarge.]

Here's a bit of news from Maryland's athletic department that is relevant to your interests and mine, as internet wags: Randy Edsall will host a Google+ Hangout on National Signing Day! No, this is really happening:

"The Google+ Hangout will be moderated by quarterback C.J. Brown and will be one of the first opportunities fans have to hear reaction from Coach Edsall on National Signing Day. To view the Hangout, fans can log on to their Google+ account by visiting From there, the Hangout can be viewed by visiting the Randy Edsall Google+ page at 4 p.m. The Hangout will be posted on the Maryland Football YouTube channel."

(It is comforting, in a special way, to know that no matter how high these coaches ascend in the power structure and however many millions of dollars they make, they still have to get millenials to help them work the computers, no?)

The school is soliciting questions on various social media platforms in advance of the Hangout; the results of Twitter search of the requested #MarylandFootball hashtag are visible to the right. It's been two full days since this release went out, and this is the best we can do, internet? What shall we ask Randy Edsall on this very special day? Let's help out with some bright ideas:

• How many quarterbacks do you have on your roster?

• Is that gonna be enough?

• Are you sure?

• What steps will be taken in the offseason to quell the wrath of the Old Gods who so forcefully and repeatedly took scythes to Maryland's roster in 2012?

• Have you considered the possibility that Maryland's football facilities rest on some sort of hellmouth, and that your program has disturbed its grounds?

• Did you see Cabin in the Woods?

• Wasn't it awesome?

• Was the unseen "Kevin" in Cabin in the Woods actually Kevin Plank? If so, how does he kill?

• Does Under Armour make some sort of Dockers-like pants for daily use?

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