By hollyandersonsi
January 30, 2013

When no appealing photos present themselves to accompany the day's top stories, we add our own. Today: Ralphie! (AP) When no appealing photos present themselves to accompany daily top stories, we add our own. Today: Ralphie! (AP)

• "Plaintiffs in the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit claimed what their lawyer described as a significant victory today when a California federal judge denied the NCAA's early attempt to prevent the case from becoming a class action." This is not so much a victory in and of itself as it is one more sudden-death pitfall avoided. Think of this kind of action as playing Super Mario Bros. 2 as Toad, with no mushrooms in sight and only one extra life remaining. That's where this case is at, in fancy legal terms.

• "And it’s highly questionable whether other college presidents would allow such a settlement when no other schools were afforded the same opportunity for a case involving recruiting violations." Think the NCAA-ward howling from Miami and USC is bad now? Imagine the cacophony of victory and rage if the 'Canes were able to cut a deal.

• "According to the report, when the officer asked the men for their tickets, Carey said, 'Get the (expletive) out of my face! Don't you know who I am? I am an All-American.'" Always wonder what the endgame is here, in the heads of anyone who tries this kind of thing. "My sincerest apologies, sir. Your NCAA rushing prowess affords you lordship over campus police. Carry on."

"But ... it was more intrigue than it was an interest on my part.” Readers, try Brian Kelly's line on his dalliance with the Eagles at home with your significant others, just to see how it goes ... Pitt is still operating without a defensive coordinator following Dave Huxtable's departure for NC State ... and Stanford run game coordinator Mike Bloomgren has been promoted to Andrew Luck Director of Offense, while Pep Hamilton directs the actual Andrew Luck offense in Indianapolis.

•  Roster blotter. Oklahoma State defensive tackle Christian Littlehead plans to transfer ... a whopping eight out of Scout's top 10 quarterbacks of 2010 have already transferred, per a quick @SolidVerbal headcount ... Penn State embraces walk-on power.

• Realignment tidbits, grudgingly dispensed. The Big Ten could blow up its current divisional arrangement, while the Big 12 is off digging moats or some damn thing.

Misc. Arizona is getting one of those fields Maryland has, per a school release, although probably decidedly more monochromatic, and can we get a swatch of that turf to use as a doggie bed already? ...  feast your eyes on Nevada's stark new helmets ... Michael Oher is not actually related to Sandra Bullock, so stop asking ... and when Rich Rodriguez says “I obviously wasn’t in a good place,” you can obviously rest assured he means "Michigan."

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