By hollyandersonsi
February 04, 2013

We have hangover-type feelings this morning that should not be chemically possible, given that the strongest substance we ingested during last night's Big Damn New Orleans Bowl was pure, uncut Cheerwine. We blame this condition instead on football well and truly leaving our system -- the glow of America's beautiful game being leached away by an offseason that no longer looms, but has taken up residence in one corner of our office, smugly keeping us updated on the number of days until pitchers and catchers report.

We are obviously partial to the college game, and can remember no more than two Super Bowls that really held our attention before last night's incarnation. But while we have no ties to either the Ravens or 49ers, we took a particular interest in XLVII thanks to the presence of several players we covered for years in Profiles in Profiteroles.

That was Bernard Pierce, late of Temple, serving as Baltimore's second-leading rusher behind Ray Rice. Former Western Kentucky star Bobby Rainey is also on the Ravens' roster this season. And Nevada's Colin Kaepernick, the Angry Ostrich himself, making his 10th start in the NFL on the most blinding of stages, brought a little Sunday night #WACtion to the pro set with 302 passing yards and 62 rushing. Then there was Delaware Blue Hen Joe Flacco, Super Bowl-winning quarterback, and D-II Lane College product Jacoby Jones pulling off the play of the night with a wall-to-wall kickoff return to open the second half -- about the only football act that could've upstaged the halftime show. And a fake field goal attempt! In the Super Bowl! Every once in a while, we get the feeling this NFL craze is really going to catch on.

In the thin light of a February morning, the onset of seemingly endless weekends devoid of such treats is both inevitable and unacceptable. But thanks, Oversized New Orleans Bowl, for giving us a little bit of our kind of football before we embark on this long march.

And now, some lovely parting gifts, in the form of Les Miles live-tweeting the Super Bowl -- because of course he did.

p/s Ed Reed, you've just won the Super Bowl. What do you have to say for yourself?

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