By hollyandersonsi
February 05, 2013

buckeyesss• We put a lot of work into that headline. Be nice. Here is Ohio State's new logo, to your right. Can you spot the changes? Do you like them? IF YOU DO YOU ARE WRONG AND GROSS:

Though Ohio State could've gone any number of directions with the new logo, they instead effectively rendered an end result that looks something like an Adobe Photoshop CS6 mistake from a first time attendee at a design camp. The biproduct is a mark that's unreadable at best, and appears to the naked eye as "O-S-E hio-tat" (tattoos? Get it?). While the minds behind the creative decision could've properly kerned the logo, instead they elected to take the easy way out and completely punt on crafting the typography.

• Crootin' comin'! Stay tuned tomorrow for our power rankings of ridiculous Signing Day stunts, and place your prop bets now on whether any of SBN's helpful suggestions will come to pass ... Northwestern prospect Matt Alviti is missing part of his ear, which absolutely does count as news, because February ... and Reuben Foster is back to Alabama. (For. the. moment.) Did you hear he has an Auburn tattoo? Once or twice? A day? For the last month? Jason Kirk has an excellent point about that:

• More games at Wrigley Field, which is not a bad thing this time, so don't panic. Northwestern is expected to announce a new series of football-games-on-baseball-fields, only before those happen they're gonna renovate Wrigley so teams can actually play football in it. This time.

• Sandusky update.  "Keeping a campaign promise, Pennsylvania's new attorney general appointed a special deputy Monday to investigate Gov. Tom Corbett's handling of the Penn State child sexual abuse case and why it took so long to bring charges against former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky." More from AP.

• Coach-hirin' season! Jeff Tedford gets paid by his old program, and Derek Dooley by a new one.

• Schedule matters. Louisiana-Monroe and Wake Forest have booked a home-and-home for 2013-14.

• Tweet of the day. This NSD, please: Think of the hats.

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