By hollyandersonsi
February 08, 2013

Too busy crafting a college football dynasty to neatly dice an avocado? Probably, yes. Too busy crafting a dynasty to neatly dice an avocado and shave a little parmesan, Nick Saban? Probably, yes.

• Is this a photo from Nick Saban's Instagram account? SPOILER ALERT: No. No, it is not, because that's fresh-cracked pepper you see on those delicious salads, and who has the time?

• Here is a story that will in no way end in screams and wig-snatching. Urban Meyer is eventually going to lose a Big Ten game, but until he does, this story will recur a lot and will always be hilaaaaarious.

Meticulously faithful recreation of the Legends of the Hidden Temple set or GTFO. The playoff selection selection committee is hard at work. Our opinion on this matter is well known.

• Today in Irresistably Clickable Headlines: "Arkansas Builds Bielema Giant Truck Set For Signing Day." Get it? Because tailgating? Get it? Please, somebody make this contraption a drivable reality and park it in the Grove for four days this fall.

• Oh, nothing. Gary Pinkel is not a fan of recruiting rankings, and it's probably for the best that there's no way to assign a star value to losing a commit to Minnesota.

• Coach-hirin' season! Ron Turner's son, Morgan, has been announced as FIU's new tight ends and offensive tackles coach. Another Turner son, Cameron, is already on staff handling quarterbacks and wide receivers. Morgan's family ties are notably not mentioned in the FIU press release. This cocked some eyebrows on Friday morning, not because coach's sons are infrequent additions to staff rosters (they're not), but because there's one other footballishly-inclined Turner in the family who happens to not be tied to the Panthers yet. Yet:

Where will it end?

Changes also in the works at Ball State, where former Pete Lembo defensive coordinator Shannon Morrison, who worked with Ball State's current skipper back at Lehigh, has been brought on to coach defensive backs and coordinate the Cardinals' pass defense. And former Auburn defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder is headed to the NFL to coach linebackers for the Jets.

• Photo of the day, C-USA edition.

Houston broke ground on the Cougars' new stadium today.

Misc. Dana Holgorsen, high school hoopster a visit to Holgo's hometown Sean Callahan's timeline finally caught up to the Fightin' Okra party

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