By hollyandersonsi
February 22, 2013

Tudor's Biscuit World is one of our favorite places to camp out before a Mountaineers game and send smug messages to our coworkers about the obvious superiority of our breakfast to any breakfasts they might be enjoying away from Tudor's Biscuit World. Observe:


This is a sausage, egg, cheese and potato concoction Tudor's calls the Thundering Herd. This is not even the grossest, most delicious thing on the Tudor's menu (that would be the Peppi, a pepperoni-and-cheese biscuit that's a breakfast answer to West Virginia's finest culinary delicacy, the pepperoni roll). There's also a Mountaineer biscuit, featuring layers of country ham, potato, egg and cheese, and right now in Morgantown you can order it as Dana Holgorsen would -- with a kicky Red Bull to start your day at maximum firepower:

Be forewarned, however -- if that slim can in your hand isn't a Sugar Free Red Bull, it's not truly Holgo canon.

This post not sponsored by Tudor's Biscuit World, but if we ever get famous we're calling them for an endorsement deal.

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