By hollyandersonsi
March 04, 2013

Look at that video! Look at how good he already is at standing still and smiling while real and manufactured gusts of wind buffet his loose clothing!

Kind of a slow Monday, sporting-wise, which frees up your afternoon nicely for reading this batty booster email concerning Kliff Kingsbury's "image." You absolutely must read the whole thing, but we cannot resist a couple choice excerpts:

• We place his nickname..GQ, Hollywood, Swagger..(we talk to him and see what we can place) we need to dial in Kliff's style and hammer it as a the "cool kids" here at Texas Tech.

• I sent him Kliff's pics. He said he would help me put Kliff in what on trend for his style...and more importantly body type. If he puts his signature on Kliff, then Kliff also gets introduced to the Hollywood A-list. He will then assign a stylist to Kliff for season review and help.

• End point: By year two....I want Kliff on a cover of national magazine. I want him invited to bigger events in LA and NYC. Oscars, Grammys, ect.

You know, Kliff Kingsbury, who's already drawn articles like this out of the local press since his elevation at Texas Tech, and who's already referred to as a GQ model by his peers. That guy's screaming for an image makeover. We'll allow a pillar of the Hollywood A-list to retort for us.

Helpful suggestions for this makeover, via Your Friend The Internet, after the jump:


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