By Zac Ellis
April 10, 2013


By Zac Ellis

It's a new era for Golden Bears football, and by the looks of it, things could get very growly. Athletic director Sandy Barbour unveiled the school's new supplemental logo for all 27 of its athletic programs at a university press conference on Wednesday, and it will adorn the team's revamped uniforms for the 2013 season, along with new lettering.

While this bear looks mighty fierce, several staffers have a few complaints. In no particular order:

Cal claims to be the Golden Bears, yet the logo on the shoulder (below) looks very much like a black bear. Come on, Berkeley folks. You're better than that.

The new logo looks kind of like a furry igloo, only with an angry bear face and claws. Look at it.

This was not selected to be the new logo, and Cal still hasn't officially changed its name to the Cal Sugar Bears.

Check out the new uniforms after the jump (courtesy of Pac-12):


Gold alternate:


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