By Zac Ellis
April 11, 2013

From this angle, you can't even tell that Denard Robinson's pitch fell short of the plate by several feet. (Rick Osentoski-USA Today Sports) From this angle, you can't even tell that Denard Robinson's pitch was terrible. (Rick Osentoski-USA Today Sports)

By Zac Ellis

Surely no one has forgotten about former Michigan star Denard Robinson's first pitch at Tuesday's Tigers-Blue Jays game, which you can relive in all its glory right here. Now, it seems the good fellas over at have decided to take their review of the pitch to the next level, as they caught up with an anonymous NFL scout to break down Robinson's effort on the mound. How will his pitching performance affect his draft stock? That's clearly the question on everyone's mind, and there's some pretty detailed analysis in here. Among the highlights:

11W: So what was your reaction when Robinson tossed it?

Scout: Honestly, it was fear.

And this:

11W: So, with an arm like that, what is he capable of?

Scout: Well, I think he’s got a future doing anything that requires tossing something a short distance. I know for a fact professional Jacks leagues are already banging down his door. It's not hard to see Robinson transitioning into a casino dealer after his playing days are over, either.

But there's more:

11W: So, does Denard Robinson have a future at quarterback in the NFL?

Scout: Well, that depends on what you're looking for out of a quarterback. If you're looking for a guy to come in and run the ball, connect on shovel passes and underthrow deep balls into coverage – which can confuse even the best corners – then, Robinson is worth taking a flyer on.

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