By Zac Ellis
April 11, 2013

Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard AD Jamie Pollard (left) and Iowa State have asked the NCAA for a two-year probation period. (Charlie Neibergall/AP)

By Zac Ellis

Major NCAA violations have reportedly taken place across several sports programs, including football, at Iowa State University. According to the Ames Tribune, an investigation by Iowa State found several violations that would "constitute a major infractions case." Six current and former members of the Iowa State football and basketball coaching staffs were tabbed in the report, including current ISU football assistant coaches Shane Burnham and Bill Bleil and former assistants Bobby Elliott and Luke Wells. Elliott is now an assistant at Notre Dame, while Wells is an assistant at Utah State.

According to document obtained by the Tribune, the investigation found three years worth of impermissible phone calls and texts to recruits. The majority of the violations surround phone calls which the coaching staff failed to properly record, and the report submitted to the NCAA largely blames the Iowa State athletic administration for failing to educate coaches on proper compliance procedures, as many coaches admitted they were unaware of the necessity of recording phone calls. In all, 33 coaches from all 18 ISU varsity sports were found to be “considered at-risk for 1,405 impermissible calls,” as well as 165 impermissible text messages, according to the report.

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