By hollyandersonsi
April 19, 2013

Can you spot the stadium in this photo? ( Can you spot the stadium in this photo? (

By Holly Anderson

The Houston Cougars' football stadium is currently a big pile of concrete scheduled to be operational in time for the 2014 season. Houston has seven home games scheduled for 2013, four of which will be played in Reliant Stadium, three of which the Texans aren't accommodating. That leaves the Cougars ... where?

Working with the Houston Texans and Reliant Stadium, we have finalized the logistics of four games and have confirmed they will be played in Reliant Stadium - Aug. 30 vs. Southern, Sept. 21 vs. Rice, Oct. 19 vs. BYU and Oct. 31 vs. USF.

We continue to work around the clock with Reliant Stadium, the NFL and other entities to finalize the location for our three remaining home games - Oct. 12 vs. Memphis, Nov. 23 vs. Cincinnati and Nov. 29 vs. SMU.

Venue options abound in the area. In addition to the Cougars, Houston is home to the MLS' Dynamo and the Rice Owls, both of which could be potential replacement home game sites, a UH spokesman said. But where would be the fun in any of that, really? Our suggestions for the Cougars' dates with Memphis, Cincinnati and SMU:

• The abandoned Astrodome. Pro: Called a "decaying wonder" by the Houston Press! Con: Called a "decaying wonder" by the Houston Press!

• The abandoned Astroworld! Pro: Already kinda field-looking! Con: And currently being used as rodeo parking!

The roof of the Johnson Space Center's Building 12! Pro: Has plants on it! Con: We are grown adults who just now figured out why they're called the Astros.

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