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April 22, 2013

By Holly Anderson

We are documented prudes when it comes to uniform changes, and as such are usually immune to the charms of whatever Adidas and Nike are churning out. But in a shocking twist, we find West Virginia's new getups almost entirely inoffensive:

Our one hangup is the all-Old Gold combo. There is no such thing as too much blue, and every time the 'Eers roll out in head-to-toe yellow, we cringe just a bit. But these are a vast improvement over the weird primer gray scheme that always seemed to evoke an airport mired in renovation efforts.

From WVU:

West Virginia football will be sporting a new look in 2013. The Mountaineers will have a total of 27 different uniform combinations to choose from, including the introduction of a white helmet for the first time since 1979 and a gold helmet for the first time since 1978.

The players will have three different Nike jersey colors to choose from including blue, gold and white, along with the same three color options for their pants. Stitched inside the back collar of all three jerseys will be the West Virginia state motto, Montani Semper Liberi, (Latin for “Mountaineers are Always Free,”). 

This is an unassailably excellent rallying cry, particularly given the speed and skill of Dana Holgorsen's recent receivers, although it could also be argued that Mountaineer defensive backs are always free to go take up macramé or something that they might be better at than pass coverage.

More from WVU, because the best parts of these press releases are where Nike tries to describe what random pointy or curvy bits on letters are supposed to stand for:

A canary image also will be stitched inside the front collar representing West Virginia’s great coal heritage; miners once used canaries to help protect them from dangerous gasses whenever they entered the mine.

The new jerseys will have a unique number style that is exclusive to West Virginia University, featuring sharp points and edges inspired by a miner’s pickaxe.

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