By hollyandersonsi
April 23, 2013

Count us still decidedly in favor of having Lee Corso make all playoff-related decisions from the back of a giant rubber duck. (ESPN)

By Holly Anderson

Conference commissioners are convening in Pasadena today to begin working on the mechanics of the latest iteration of the BCS. Their tasks at hand include:

• Selecting three bowls to join the six-game semifinal sites pool. It is nigh impossible, at this point, to imagine any games other than the Fiesta, Cotton and Chick-fil-A joining the Rose, Sugar and Orange. Intrigue likelihood: minimal.

• Selecting the site of the first national title game under the new system. It's Arlington. Everybody knows it's Arlington, even though it's polite to not act like it's a foregone conclusion, and we're all going to Jerry Jones Space Camp in January 2015. If all the items on the commissioners' to-do list get knocked out this fast they'll be bellying up at Pie'n Burger by noon.

• Selecting the selection committee.  With respect, we believe we have already attended to this matter in a thorough and fair fashion.

• Naming the new contraption. Said Bill Hancock to the AP: "It will be simple. It will not be cutesy. And it will be descriptive. I've seen too many people make mistakes by trying to be cutesy.'' (Hear what he thought, but did not say.)

A prohibition of cutesiness knocks off our first naming suggestion of "Bunny Cuddling Snuggletyme," but we have more. Cast your votes after the jump for a new BCS handle that would require only minimal alterations to everyone's embroidered rolling suitcases and company blazers:

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