By hollyandersonsi
April 23, 2013

Who Says You Can't Go Dome? (AP) Who Says You Can't Go Dome? (AP)

By Holly Anderson

Notre Dame fans (and Hey God, if You're listening), ever find you Gotta Have A Reason to Have A Nice Day? Here's one: Get Ready for an injection of star power in South Bend, because Jon Bon Jovi's son, Jesse Bongiovi, is walking on to your football team.

Happy Now?

What About Now?

Bongiovi was a Runaway success in high school, doling out Bad Medicine to opponents at Brooklyn Poly Prep County Day and ending his career in a Blaze of Glory. Now, he's One Step Closer to fulfilling his Secret Dreams. He'd been on the Borderline regarding his future in football, but high school teammate Jay Hayes, a Fighting Irish defensive end commit, gave him Another Reason To Believe and dedicate his Flesh And Bone to the Notre Dame cause.

We know guys who'd Kidnap An Angel for a shot like this, but as a walk-on, Bongiovi is also Starting All Over Again. Some prospects might find walk-on life Bitter Wine, but Bongiovi hopes to prove he has Breakout potential to Maybe Someday go The Distance and be the Last Man Standing. He intends to play corner, and Keep The Faith that he will Always Run To You, where "you" implies "the football." If he can't play corner, he will simply Let It Rock, fitting in where he can because of his Crazy Love of the game.

It's a welcome PR boost for a program that finished last season on the Edge of a Broken Heart. And if the Irish are lucky, they'll finish the year on a Bed of Roses.

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