By Zac Ellis
April 24, 2013

By Zac Ellis

Tuesday's formal announcement surrounding college football's new playoff system -- henceforth known as the College Football Playoff -- included a contest giving fans the opportunity to vote for the playoff's logo. The playoff's website,, featured four potential logos for the new postseason model, which will go into effect after the 2014 season.

But voting had only been open for approximately 24 hours when ESPN's Brett McMurphy reported that some voters illegally tipped the scales heavily in one direction:

Luckily for worried fans, College Football Playoff picked up on the scheme and quickly remedied the situation:

The BCS released a statement late Wednesday afternoon regarding the voting fraud, which included the following tidbits:

"The correct, updated tally shows logo one has 26 percent, logo two has 38 percent, logo three has 27 percent and logo four has 9 percent."

"On the advice of our contractor, the vote percentage totals will be announced twice daily at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET until the contest closes on Monday April 29."

"We have been pleased with the excitement that has been created with this contest. In this particular case, there was a little too much excitement."

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