By Zac Ellis
July 08, 2013

Lucas Vincent Missouri's Lucas Vincent expressed his frustration with having to buy NCAA Football 14. (Kim Klement/US Presswire)

By Zac Ellis

It looks like Missouri's Lucas Vincent is channeling his inner Ed O'Bannon. On Monday, the defensive lineman tweeted about the soon-to-be-released NCAA Football 14, asking why he should have to pay for the video game when his likeness was used in its production.

Vincent's question fits in line with the ongoing Ed O'Bannon v. NCAA lawsuit, in which former UCLA basketball player O'Bannon is challenging the NCAA and EA Sports' right to use student-athletes' likenesses without pay. Just last week, U.S. district judge Claudia Wilken ruled that the plaintiffs can now include current players in the lawsuit -- a potentially key step toward possible class-action certification.

reported following the case's class-action certification hearing

on June 20, plaintiffs' attorney Michael Hausfeld said he plans to add a current student-athlete or multiple current student-athletes to the suit. But Hausfeld also told Wilken that the matter had to be discussed privately, as he didn't "want any current student retaliated against [by the NCAA]” for participating.

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