By Zac Ellis
July 09, 2013

Louisville's Teddy BridgewaterTeddy Bridgewater visited a Louisville fan in her hospital room over the weekend. (Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

By Zac Ellis

A hospitalized Louisville fan received a surprise visitor over the weekend: Cardinals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, according to Louisville's WDRB.

Savannah Price, a 21-year-old business finance major at Louisville, is recovering from surgery related to Crohn's disease, which she was diagnosed with when she was seven. Price's boyfriend, Ian Kelley, asked Bridgewater on Twitter last week if he would be willing to visit Price in the hospital.

Neither Kelley nor Price expected much from the request. But on Sunday night, Bridgewater agreed, responding to Price and then arriving at the hospital around 10 p.m.

"I wasn't expecting to be emotional or star-struck, but when he came in through my door, I started tearing up," Savannah said.


"My mom had to run the conversation because I was so star struck," said Savannah, with a laugh. "It was just a casual conversation. He came in here, asked me how I was doing, and found out about my story."

Bridgewater made headlines in May when he informed Cardinals' coaches that he did not want a Heisman campaign, instead opting to focus on the team. The junior quarterback's selfless demeanor also made an impression on Price during his visit.

"If I could summarize it, he could be this big hot shot, but he's really not," she said. "He came in here just to visit a fan, was really down to Earth, and very soft-spoken. It blew me away when he was in here."

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