By Zac Ellis
July 18, 2013

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By Zac Ellis

There's never a dull moment with Les Miles press conferences, his appearance at SEC Media Days on Thursday was certainly no exception. Miles bestowed his wonderful wisdom upon a host attendees in Hoover, Ala. Among his notable quotes:

On the relatively young trend of athletes on Twitter:

"We've got computers now. You carry them in your pocket. You hit a button, and you talk to people ... We're trying to educate, not necessarily make it a yes-or-no thing."

"Can you imagine when they first had cars saying, 'I don't want my player to drive cars! I like my old buggy.'"

"I'll bet 20 years ago, nobody did the Harlem Shake."

On handling Australian punter Jamie Keehn:

"You have to learn how to speak Australian."

On SEC teams' strength of schedules:

"Certainly, somebody else will have to play Florida and Georgia too. Certainly, somebody else will have to play Florida and Georgia too."

On LSU being snubbed as a BCS title contender:

"Excitement is not derived from where you're ranked. It's derived from the youth of your team and what you need to coach."

And finally, on the overall strength of LSU's roster:

"I like us. I like us in every game."

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