By Martin Rickman
August 08, 2013

Barry Switzer Barry Switzer deserves this high five and many, many more. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT/Getty Images)

By Martin Rickman

By now you’ve probably heard: Barry Switzer is a hero. Not in the saved-a-kid-from-a-burning-building sense, but in the level just below it. He found a Rottweiler in a hot car, and he did what any red-blooded American animal lover would do: He gave it to a family that lost its home in a tornado.

Switzer said he saw the dog in the vehicle, which had the windows down, but still felt bad for the pup.

He took “Sassy” from the vehicle, found the owners and bought the dog from them on the spot.

Then he took her to a vet for a complete check up.

“I told the doc. I want rabies shots, check for worms, everything,” Switzer said. “They even clipped the toenails so it was a pedicure for her. She went to the spa.”

This isn’t Switzer’s first animal-loving act. In 2012, he heard about a dog being dragged to its death and quickly doubled the reward for finding its killer.

Oh, and there was that time he invited Bret Bielema's dog over for a pool party:

Perhaps the former Sooners coach has found a new calling, and we have just the medium to facilitate it: a Saturday morning cartoon. Imagine an animated Switzer, drawn by the target="_blank">fine folks at DiC (who penned such legendary shows as Captain Planet, The Real Ghostbusters or Inspector Gadget), flying around the world and saving animals in precarious predicaments.

Is there a secret pelt trade in Africa endangering the world’s tigers? Switzer will be there. Is there an evil pound treating dogs badly and laughing while it does it? Switzer and his dog Sieger are on the case. Is there a bear caught in a trap that's unable to escape while a wildfire threatens its life – and the nation’s parks? Coach will dial up his good friend Smokey Bear and the two will restore order, side by side.

Naturally, Switzer would have sidekicks, trusty dogs that would (probably) be able to talk, seeing as this is a cartoon. He'd have a kids club join the cause, and every once in a while Switzer’s pal Toby Keith would drop by for those tough cases that require a little extra American muscle.

In fact, there could even be a real-life club to join, and if fans sent in enough box tops (plus shipping and handling), they'd receive an official Switzer Winning Animal Team (SWAT) pack, including a membership card, a T-shirt and a stuffed version of one of Switzer’s adorable pups. The logo would seemingly have to be a wishbone, but I guess that's still open for debate.

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