By Zac Ellis
August 22, 2013

By Zac Ellis

What do you get when you combine Darius Rucker, a live tiger and Marcus Lattimore driving a Ferrari? The latest college football-themed rap video, of course. This one comes courtesy of Dinobrite Productions, and boy, there is a lot to take in.

Take a few minutes to watch "Ride For My Team (Forever To Thee)." We've taken the liberty of breaking down the video's key moments:

0:12: What a great way to start things off: A Rucker cameo. Hootie is a noted Gamecocks fan. So, naturally, are the Blowfish.

1:45: This epic outfit needs to be addressed. At first glance, the palmetto-tree tie appears to be the focal point of the wardrobe -- that is, until the camera pans out to reveal black pants with red Gamecock print. He is even holding a gamecock. Like the song goes:

The only difference between a loser and a winner is a winner plays 'til he wins.

This guy wins.

2:00: That's a tiger. A LIVE TIGER. The implication here, maybe, is that South Carolina has in-state rival Clemson by the chains. But it's hard to focus because that is a live tiger just sitting there. This video just went up to another level.

2:35: The Hootie Count is currently at two (2).

2:45: I just want to know where this particular scene takes place. Is that really in Columbia?

• 3:05: There's no explanation as to why those two trash cans are set aflame. But George Rogers, South Carolina's only Heisman Trophy winner (1980), is invoked in the lyrics during this scene, so we're not particularly worried about it.

4:14: With all the Lattimore jerseys worn throughout this video, of course Lattimore himself would show up eventually. But so does Rogers, who passes the keys of the Ferrari (SYMBOLISM?) to Lattimore. This is actually a pretty amazing scene, even if, out of habit, it might cause South Carolina's compliance department to cringe as Lattimore cruises away in a sports car.

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