By Martin Rickman
September 18, 2013

I love the ACC so much. Raycom Sports, McAlister's Deli and the ACC released a game last Friday where you kick a bunch of field goals with friends and compete to win prizes like a VIP trip to the ACC Championship. Also it is #social and #shareable because you can post your scores to Facebook and Twitter.

Fans can compete in field goal challenges or go through their favorite team's schedule kicking field goals, and the weather conditions get progressively harder (like kicking in 100 mph winds). And they play against their friends kicking field goals. And share the field goals they kicked. And maybe win deli sandwiches or sweet tea kicking field goals. It's the ACC, and it's too hot to handle (Get it? Because you are not holding the ball in the game you are kicking it.)

If you get enough points you can get multi-colored footballs and potential prizes. That's neat. Former Virginia Tech blogger and personal friend @furrer4heisman has been playing the game for almost a week now, and he has some initial thoughts.

"I really wish this game was punting instead of field goals," he said. "Overall I'm really just astonished at how #goacc it is. It's uncomfortable, unnatural, at times unnecessary and features a lot of sweet tea. I just lost to Duke."

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