By Martin Rickman
September 18, 2013

Bo Pelini Bo Pelini came under fire after a two-year-old audiotape was leaked earlier this week. (Eric Francis/Getty Images)

The firestorm surrounding Cornhuskers coach Bo Pelini may finally be set to quiet down a bit. Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman and athletic director Shawn Eichorst released a statement on Wednesday regarding the two-year-old, profanity-laced audiotape that was leaked on Deadspin earlier this week. The statement includes the news that former Huskers coach and AD Tom Osborne addressed the recording with Pelini more than a year ago.

Here is the full statement:

“The comments made by Head Football Coach Bo Pelini in 2011, published Monday, are unfortunate and deeply concerning to us, as they would be to anyone who loves this university. Our coaches, staff and student-athletes must be held to a high standard and Coach Pelini's remarks were unfair to the legions of Nebraska fans and not what we expect from a representative of this university. Former Director of Athletics Tom Osborne became aware of these comments and the existence of a recording more than a year ago, and addressed the matter with Coach Pelini. We have observed, and many others have commented, that Coach Pelini’s demeanor has significantly improved since the time of this incident. Coach Pelini has given us his assurance that he understands the seriousness and inappropriateness of his comments. We believe he is sincere in his apology and in his regret. We are prepared to put the matter to rest. Our football student-athletes, coaches and staff deserve all of our support and we know the Nebraska faithful will be there for them.”

Putting the matter to rest would be a start, as Nebraska will look to bounce back from last week's 41-21 loss to UCLA. Pelini issued his own apology swiftly after the tape was made public. The Cornhuskers play South Dakota State in Lincoln on Saturday.

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