By Martin Rickman
September 21, 2013

Damian Copeland Wide receiver Damian Copleand (right) and Louisville led FIU 38-0 at the half on Saturday. (Garry Jones/AP)

FIU's offense is epically bad, as mentioned in this week's Mid-major Report. But Florida International is an FBS team, and FBS teams aren't really supposed to request a running clock. Ever.

There are never enough times to point out that FIU fired head coach Mario Cristobal in December in order to hire Ron Turner, who has currently led the Golden Panthers to 30 yards in just more than three quarters against Louisville. FIU is 0-3 in 2013 with 23 points in 17 quarters and a loss to Bethune-Cookman.

Turner refuted the notion that Florida International requested the running clock after the game, but the clock kept running on out-of-bounds plays at multiple points in the second half. Louisville coach Charlie Strong also said that the idea was discussed.

The C-USA released an official statement:

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