By Martin Rickman
October 01, 2013

Jon Lee Travel limits could keep the Midshipmen and the Falcons off the field . (Colorado Springs Gazette/MCT/Getty Images)

Fans have seen Congress have an effect on sports before, with the public hearings on steroids in baseball being a notable example. It's almost unheard of, however, for the legislative branch to impact specific games. With last night's shutdown of some government services -- the result of a standoff between Democrats and Republicans over the Affordable Care Ac -- that could soon change.

According to the Capital Gazette, there is a chance that this Saturday's game between Navy and Air Force might not be played.

[Falcons associate athletic director Troy Garnhart] explained that upper-class cadets at the Air Force Academy are considered military personnel, which means they could be subject to travel restrictions under the shutdown.

Scott Strasemeier, Naval Academy associate athletic director, could not confirm Tuesday morning whether the game will take place.

First the government shuts down national parks, delays workers' paychecks and stops the Panda Cam. Now it might cancel service academy football? For shame.

The official announcement will be made by Thursday about the Navy-Air Force game, as well as about the status of the Army-Boston College contest in Chestnut Hill, which is also scheduled for Oct. 5. For now, service academy athletic contests are being canceled or postponed left and right.

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