By Zac Ellis
October 04, 2013

A Kansas high school football player died on Friday after suffering a stroke on the sidelines during a Thursday night game.

According to the Kansas City Star, Andre Maloney, a senior wide receiver at Shawnee Mission West HS in Kansas City, suffered a stroke after scoring a 63-yard touchdown in SM West's 37-34 loss to Leavenworth High School on Thursday. After being transported to a nearby hospital, Maloney underwent surgery which revealed a blood clot in his brain. Doctors were unable to remove the clot, and Maloney's family was told he was unlikely to emerge from his vegetative state.

The family opted against continuing his treatment on Friday.

Maloney's cousin, Karla Montoya, told the Star that "something wasn't right" after Maloney scored the touchdown.

Maloney, who in July verbally committed to play football at KU, was untouched on the play — and even celebrated his touchdown in the end zone, teammates said — but stumbled when he returned to the bench.

As he reached for a water bottle, SM West football coach Tim Callaghan said, Maloney “got dizzy and lost functioning.”

Maloney grabbed a teammate for support as he staggered backward, but he ultimately collapsed, Montoya said.

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