By Martin Rickman
October 06, 2013

Jameis Winston and Florida State are up to No. 6 in the AP Poll after crushing Maryland. (Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) Jameis Winston and Florida State moved to No. 6 in the poll after routing Maryland. (Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

Week 6 in college football gave us our biggest changes to the AP Poll yet. With five top 25 teams falling and several others being tested, there are some movers and shakers in our little corner of the world.

The top five stayed the same, but Florida State climbed up to No. 6 after its 63-0 trashing of Maryland, and Louisville dropped a spot to No. 8 after a 30-7 win over Temple. Baylor continues its slow march up the rankings, moving two spots to No. 15 after dropping 73 points on West Virginia. Miami and Oklahoma flipped spots at 13 and 14 after both teams had a scare this week, and UCLA moved up a spot after the Bruins' close Thursday win over Utah.  With conference play underway, teams are out of the cupcake stage and into the meat of their schedules, which should delight Atkins Diet fans across this great nation.

The complete AP Poll (with first-place votes in parenthesis) is below:

1. Alabama (55)

2. Oregon (5)

3. Clemson

4. Ohio State

5. Stanford

6. Florida State

7. Georgia

8. Louisville

9. Texas A&M

10. LSU

11. UCLA

12. Oklahoma

13. Miami

14. South Carolina

15. Baylor

16. Washington

17. Florida

18. Michigan

19. Northwestern

20. Texas Tech

21. Fresno State

22. Oklahoma State

23. Northern Illinois

24. Virginia Tech

25. Missouri

Here are a few thoughts from this week’s results:

• Have to say I’m a little surprised Stanford doesn’t have any first-place votes. The Cardinal beat a very solid Washington team Saturday night, but I guess it was past some voters’ bedtimes, which is understandable. We at Campus Union haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep since the season started, and these bags under our eyes aren’t going away.

• I would have thought Northwestern would stay higher after its loss to Ohio State. The Wildcats fought hard and almost pulled out the win, and it seems a little early in the season to punish a team for losing to a higher-ranked foe, especially when Washington only dropped one spot after its loss to Stanford.

• Welcome Northern Illinois, Virginia Tech and Missouri to the poll. It’s well deserved after the season the three teams have been having, and it’ll be interesting to see if they stick around and continue their early season success.


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